Brilliant National Day Spoof Video: Another Home, with Chua Enlai & Tin Pei Ling?

Now this is what makes me feel patriotic and so close to my fellow citizens. Never thought I could be a bigger fan of Chua Enlai than right now. Just when I was feeling so jaded.

I was thrilled to come upon this National Day alternative video set to the song Home, when I visited Blogging for Myself and mentally nodding vigorously while reading his posts.


This cheeky and superbly funny video was produced by Singapore Independant Filmakers Sindie and I would love to see more of their productions. This must mean that Dick Lee okayed the video and I think that’s cool.

If you got all the subtle references, or to those in the know, not so subtle (mushrooms, blue umbrellas, the teddy bear mascot, the humming at the end and so much more) than you’re truly Singaporean. The part, 3 minutes into the video cracked me up so much. Wouldn’t it be awesome if the real Nicole Seah had appeared in it? Thought the girl playing Tin Pei Ling did a great job with that huffy pout.

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5 Responses to Brilliant National Day Spoof Video: Another Home, with Chua Enlai & Tin Pei Ling?

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  2. Lady J says:

    Totally agree with you… the video cracked me up! Wanted to burst out in laughter when I saw it in the office.. hehe…

  3. whatsaysyou says:

    Great post and keep it up. How is National Day in Singapore this year?

    • bookjunkie says:

      just the usual parade on TV but it was nice because for the first time we have six alternative party members in blue amidst all the white.

      the fireworks against the marina bay sands was breathtaking as well.

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