Digging up my Very Old Blog Entries from 2006

I decided to dig up my older posts from 2006 and relive the embarrassing writing. I started blogging regularly in July 2006, on Google’s blogspot and 5 years later I am finally re-reading the old entries. It sure feels weird to hear my childish voice from the past. I also have a strange sense of satisfaction, because now I have a personal historical record of how Singapore has progressed and changed.

If you’re keen on reliving those moments with me, you can look at my archives to read my posts from 2006 or just click on the links below. Will be moving them to Singapore Actually, one by one and commenting on them, with a bit of hindsight.

Here are just some from September 2006.

September 24th 2006: Deepavali is in the Air
September 25th 2006: Dan Dan Mien in Beijing
September 25th 2006: Birthday High Tea at Raffles Hotel’s Tiffin Room
September 25th 2006: Home Made Tahu Goreng
September 29th 2006: Droolworthy Nonya Curry at Hyde Park Cafe
September 29th 2006: The Esplanade
September 30th 2006: Omu Rice at Takashimaya

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