Natasha Vlogs about the F1, Crystal about Ice Cream Sandwiches & Callie gets close to PM Lee

I love vloggers. Especially expat Singapore vloggers like Natasha Bailie who brings us a bit of the F1 (Singapore Grand Prix and only night car race) in her video blog. I’ve never been, but wow those cars are ear bustingly loud. Imagine being even closer to the action.


I also love Crystal’s older, but very honest post with her hubby Ravi, about Singapore ice cream sandwiches or what I call bread ice cream. So fun, the husband wife dynamic, and I look forward to more. It’s like a travel show, only better and more truthful.


I have to agree the chocolate chip ice cream tends to taste powdery, and I always pick ripple instead. Sweet corn is not too bad either. Loads of what we eat is actually acquired taste. Haven’t had a bread ice cream in a while and now I’m craving.

Callie Moore, originally from Utah, has very detailed Singapore videos which will be very interesting to new expats and tourists. As a local I find that looking at Singapore from her perspective can be refreshing. All the little details come to the forefront. Things I thought were blah, now become exciting. In this video, fast forward to 7.25 to see our PM Lee or Prime Minister of Singapore, Lee Hsien Loong. I must have been at the same place at the same time as I got a photo of the PM and blogged about it.


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4 Responses to Natasha Vlogs about the F1, Crystal about Ice Cream Sandwiches & Callie gets close to PM Lee

  1. Anne says:

    so that is what my co-leagues tell me how F1 sounds like! ugh! not for me definitely… did you go?

  2. Crystal says:

    Thanks for the blog love.

    Reminds me that we haven’t done vlog in forever. Will have to do something about that soon…

    • bookjunkie says:

      I love vlogs where all 3 of you appear 🙂 Love the husband wife dynamic and hearing the different opinions. Would love to hear what E thinks too.

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