Dempsey Road: Samy’s Curry for another Yummy Banana Leaf Experience

Been here countless number of times, enticed by the very tasty South Indian curries and the laid back green backdrop. I’d rather have curry in these open surroundings than in an air-conditioned cafe.  I always think, if Singapore’s temperature fell by about 10 degrees it would become much closer to being one of the most wonderful places on earth.  Imagine then, being able to have picnics amongst lush tropical green without sweating like crazy.  No one does picnics here for that reason.

photo by bookjunkie

photo by bookjunkie

They add your items one by one and you can see how your banana leaf ‘plate’ gets more and more colourful. The standard items include the potato, dhal and appalam or pappadum as North Indians call it.  Definitely a must have experience in Singapore.

photo by bookjunkie

photo by bookjunkie

photo by bookjunkie

I tend to always get the masala chicken, fried mutton and cutlet. I’ve never tried the fish head curry here which is the most popular dish among locals.  It’s just too much and you need a big group to order it.  Gets messy looking, but the taste and combination of flavours is out of this world. One sad thing is that they have toned down on the spices, but I think the very touristy crowd I noticed today, appreciate it. I like my curries super spicy. I like to torture myself, otherwise, it’s just not the same.

The tea here is so lovely. I could have two glasses easily. I’m either craving Indian style milk tea or really good espresso based lattes all the time.  When I was younger it was coke, but no more.

photo by bookjunkie


Just note that they close on Tuesdays.

25 Dempsey Road
Singapore 249670

Tel : 6472 2080

11am-3pm ( Lunch )
6pm-10pm ( Dinner )
We are open on Monday and Wednesday to Sunday (Including Public Holidays)

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11 Responses to Dempsey Road: Samy’s Curry for another Yummy Banana Leaf Experience

  1. Laura says:

    Heard good things about this place but yet to go, it’s on the list.

  2. Julie says:

    That looks so colorful and delicious. The first thing I noticed in the picture was how lush the atmosphere is. So beautiful. I can see why Singapore is so attractive.

    One day, hopefully I will get to visit there and see all of the places you blog about.

    In the mean time, I appreciate you sharing this information. Your store in your right column looks great too.


  3. whatsaysyou says:

    Oh wow, that looks delicious 🙂

  4. Crystal says:

    Do you have a favorite place for chicken tikka masala?

    • bookjunkie says:

      To be honest, I had to check up on chicken tikka masala. Was not too sure what it was at first. I found that it’s actually a dish created in the UK I think the adding of yoghurt and tomatoes makes the difference when compared to the spicier chicken masala that I usually go for in Singapore. I think it’s a North Indian dish, so I would try good North Indian restaurants like Rang Mahal. It’s a high end restaurant but I recall having really good briyani rice there some years ago. Will look out for this the next time I crave for some North Indian food like my favourite garlic and kashmiri Naan.

  5. notabilia says:

    LOTS of people picnic here! It’s one of my favorite things to do!

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