Co-Founder of Apple Steve Woz Talks about his Friend Steve Jobs

Sorry for the millions of posts I am writing about Steve Jobs but I think I am not alone in my obsession and admiration. I have been having an insatiable appetite to find out all about Steve and it just cannot be quelled.

My partner who is never sad about anything is forlorn today – he was the real fan, the one who used to stay up all night just to watch the live presentation whenever a new product came out, and dragged me to the Apple stores so many times when we made a trip to NYC. The one who would drone on and on like a little kid over all the new features of a new product, till I rudely cut him off, unable to bear anymore tech talk. I have lost count over the number of Apple products he has. He will stinge over everything else, but tech products from Apple and that’s how loyal he was. Definitely part of the cult following. Me – not so much, although I was immensely drawn by the simple beauty of the designs. It took me quite a while to become a convert. I always thought Macs were too complicated to use as I would have to relearn. I thought it would be too hard for me to switch as I was so used to the PC. Boy was I wrong. It was quick and easy and once I got my iMac, I immediately said there’s no way I’m going back.

I have been waiting to hear from Steve Wozniak, who is often forgotten in the whole Apple story. Someone I knew, who worked at Apple in the US, told me that Steve Woz was one of the nicest guys around and so loved by the employees. He totally sounded like the dream boss. Here’s what Steve had to say about the loss of his friend, Steve Jobs, whom he practically grew up with. They started Apple in 1976 in their garage.


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