Singaporeans Interviewed on the Circle Line


I don’t watch TV, but I do enjoy our local news segments where ordinary people give their views. I find it refreshing and dare I say amusing at times. The answers were ‘classic’. Definitely more interesting than just listening to the newscasters trying to speak perfect English or an accent that their bosses forced them to adopt? I have no idea, but it seems like it.

One described the temperatures in the train to the dessert and the arctic. One thing I noticed is that anyone willing to speak on camera is that they are always unselfconscious and totally natural on live TV, something I could never do and would probably end up speaking with some weird accent or just running away.

Well regarding what the student revealed, I don’t mind if it’s cold, but hot in a crowded train would be just bad.

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2 Responses to Singaporeans Interviewed on the Circle Line

  1. conrad says:

    haha. i think most of them haven’t woken out of their slumber.

    sometimes, i think the editors are punking around with their video footage.

    • bookjunkie says:

      I was suspecting that as well. I would be so annoyed to have a mike shoved in my face at that hour. But I would also probably be in bed.

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