Shakuntala’s at Syed Alwi Road & Other Indian Restaurants near Mustafa

I’ve enjoyed the vegetarian rice set at Shakuntala’s and I recommend this branch rather than the fancier one called Shankutala’s Food Palace at Race Course Road which serves seafood as well. The standards are not very consistent and I find this more down to earth one much better. They also served more vegetarian items here like thosai and I recall going to the other branch for dinner and was disappointed that there was no thosai. I guess they were trying to push the more expensive meat items there. The service at this branch I also found much more attentive and polite.  They immediately present you with a menu once you arrive.

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Have have milkier tea elsewhere (just being picky), but the payasam was good. Might be too sweet if you’re not used to Indian desserts.

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photo by bookjunkie

photo by bookjunkie

Here’s a shot of the dessert portion of the menu and the prices.

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Shankuntala’s Restaurant
88, Syed Alwi Road,
Singapore 207667

This restaurant is pretty close by if you’ve just been shopping at Mustapha and here are some other restaurants which we haven’t ventured into yet.

Saravana Bhavan looked inviting and the review by the blogging doctor about this vegetarian chain from Chennai, is tempting me big time.

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Loved the fonts on this wall. Reminded me of the fonts I saw all over Kerala.  Also in this shot is Anjappar a 15 year old franchise from India.  Interesting review by the Travelling Hungry Boy but I think I’ll skip this place unless a reader out there tells me it’s really good.

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Madura’s is another restaurant I’ve never tried and here’s the menu which offers North Indian cuisine as well.

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And there’s Balaji Bhavan. Here’s a review by Hungry Ang Mo, Luke from England.

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2 Responses to Shakuntala’s at Syed Alwi Road & Other Indian Restaurants near Mustafa

  1. Anne says:

    little india is full of color and life! i always take a nice peek whenever i passby. i want to try the milk tea and the too sweet desserts 😀

    i have been to the mustafa mall but not for long because we need to leave immediately to catch a flight.

    • bookjunkie says:

      I always wonder about people’s reaction to the desserts. Many of my friends find it way too sweet, but I just love them.

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