I Absolutely Love Robin Williams & here he is on Ellen

I am quite sure my mum and aunts love him too. There is just something so sweet about Robin Williams. I have been watching him on TV since I was a kid. He was Mork then. And I was truly moved by this many performances after. Popeye, The World According to Garp, Dead Poets Society, Good Morning Vietnam, Jack, Patch Adams, One Hour Photo. Gosh, just too many to name. Not only is he a brilliant comedian, he’s serious work is just incredible. But most of all, there is a kindness about him and he seems so unaffected by success. His energy after heart surgery is just amazing and I’m happy to see that he’s doing well.


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9 Responses to I Absolutely Love Robin Williams & here he is on Ellen

  1. Crystal says:

    I absolutely LOVE Robin Williams. He’s hilarious, but he can also do these powerful dramatic roles–truly underrated how incredibly talented he is. Big fan of his work, saw him on tour a few years ago (“Weapons of Mass Destruction”) at the Mohegan Sun Casino in Connecticut.

    I think the way he’s very honest about his history with drug abuse and how it genuinely did mess up his life is a story that many current stars should be listening to.

    • bookjunkie says:

      He is just one of the greats. So few stars out there are as genuinely humble as he is.

      His stand-up comedy is wonderful too. He is definitely someone it would be a absolute dream to meet.

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  3. I honestly cannot appreciate his humor but he seems to be so genuine and sincere and that counts more.

  4. whatsaysyou says:

    Robin Williams is a talented and versatile actor. He totally rocks and it is great to know that he is honest eith himself and his fans about his history with drug abuse (I heard that he is doing a Discovery Channel documentary on the effects of drugs on the human body)

  5. R64 says:

    I was surprised about how shockingly brutal some of his stand-up comedy was. He plays these nice, friendly roles, but he can swear like a sailor on stage!

    Hey bookjunky, we’re all waiting for updates! 🙂

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