Furthest North I’ve Ever Been: Helsinki & Stockholm

This is the most last minute trip I have ever been on. Felt quite unprepared and the night before wanted to cancel, due to my claustrophobia. I had a major panic attack and it was quite scary. Thank goodness for Steve Jobs and his iPod Shuffle. Closing my eyes and being transported away by the music saved me. Also took a flu pill that made me sleepy. The key was to constantly distract myself. Just sharing this in case you suffer from the same affliction.

I absolutely love exploring new places, I just don’t like the getting there part. But now I am so glad I went. Due to limited funds we try to visit countries or places we’ve never been to before. Is it the same with you?

Well now, Helsinki in Finland is the furthest north I have ever been and I feel so lucky to have been there. Feels almost surreal because I honestly thought I would never make it there in my lifetime.

Also went to Stockholm in Sweden as it was an hour’s flight away. I couldn’t miss out on the land of ABBA and Pippi Longstocking. Although the Pippi I am familiar with is the little girl in the 70’s TV show and not so much the book character. In the end I fell in love with an animated character called Moomin which is an adorable troll which looks like a Hippo.

Talking about furthest north on the world map, I wanted to record down my other milestones and I hope you can share yours with me too. I found this exercise quite interesting and it made me feel so lucky to have been so far:

Furthest North: Helsinki
Furthest South: Melbourne (hope to include NZ one day)
Furthest East: Tokyo
Furthest West: Orlando

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6 Responses to Furthest North I’ve Ever Been: Helsinki & Stockholm

  1. Laura says:

    Sounds like you had a great trip and I’m very happy for you. I would love to visit Finland and Sweden someday though I had heard they were very expensive. I loved Moonin when I was younger but I never appreciated it was from this part of the world – thanks for sharing.

    • bookjunkie says:

      Thanks Laura.

      I am still wondering how come it was never part of my childhood. So fascinated by the series now. Love the innocence of it.

  2. Claudia says:

    So cool! Wants to visit new places too!!

  3. Crystal says:

    Wow, how exciting!

    I want to go so many places it’s hard to justify returning somewhere. My exceptions have been/are 1-London and 2-New Orleans. I’ll also end up returning to Hong Kong, if only to take Ellie to Disneyland (although it was cool and I was in a wheelchair so I didn’t see much of it). My head is spinning with all the places I want to go that I’m practically paralyzed with it.

    I’m not claustrophobic and my iPod is about the only thing that keeps me sane. We also let Ellie watch unlimited tv on her iPod touch (pre-school stuff I’ve downloaded for her)…it’s only way to survive that kind of lengthy trip.

    Can’t wait to read about the trip!

    • bookjunkie says:

      It’s the travelling bit (long plane rides and small cars…..although rail journeys still seem kinda nice to me) that sucks….but the view from up above is something I love. So glad that even though I’ve developed claustrophobia in the recent years I don’t have a fear of heights.

      Music really does calm me down……but it has to be music I like.

      Love being immersed in something as different as possible from Singapore. If it’s too similar I just feel…what’s the point. So far, your home town Boston has been my fave……my first & only experience with snow (pure magic for me)…..and the best food ever!

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