Shaytard Vlogs Make me Feel Christmassy

Love the Shaytard Vlogs. This is the newest one, where the family returns to Idaho from LA. I am appreciative of what we have in Singapore, but videos like these make me long for cold crisp air, road trips where you can leave the windows open and just the luxury of space. I love how they have decorated the house. Looks so cosy. I’ve never had eggnog before and would like to try it sometime. And don’t get me started about how much I long for snow.


And I love this pre-Chirstmas vlog from 3 years ago, way back in 2008. Princesstard and Sontard were so little and cute. And Babytard was still a baby. I guess only Shaytard fans will know what I’m talking about. Their fourth child Rocktard is practically a Truman baby who has been filmed every day since his mum was pregnant with him. I am just hooked on their vlogs and I hope they don’t stop.


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2 Responses to Shaytard Vlogs Make me Feel Christmassy

  1. Crystal says:

    They’re selling eggnog at Cold Storage. To make it really authentic, add rum.

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