Only in Chinatown: Uniquely Singapore Gift Ideas

When I travel I love tourist souvenirs but in my own country they seem cheesy. But once again blogging made me take a second look.

I wonder what Steve Jobs would think of these T shirts? I’m loving the creativity.

photo by bookjunkie

This one really made me chuckle.

photo by bookjunkie

You can find these outside Chinatown Complex.

photo by bookjunkie

Magnets for the fridge. Perhaps we should add a uniquely Singapore one to the travel collection? Being tourists in our own country and all. My cousin D inspired this post. Thanks D.

photo by bookjunkie

photo by bookjunkie

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3 Responses to Only in Chinatown: Uniquely Singapore Gift Ideas

  1. Abhi says:


    where is the shop located in Chinatown? The durian t-shirt is awesome.

    • bookjunkie says:

      It was at one of the stalls just outside the Chinatown food centre/market. Wonder if it’s still there and I hope you find it 🙂

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