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What Was it Like for you as a Six Year Old in School?

I wrote one of my more personal posts, about what it was like for me as a child in Primary School. To be honest it was one of those posts I felt a bit self conscious writing. A teeny bit … Continue reading

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Parco Millenia: Quirky Things

Came across a shop called Ameba and it was fun looking at the quirky things on display. These are probably things you don’t need but want. But even though B found the first mug cute, I am anal. It looked … Continue reading

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Why Are Most Job Interviewers in Singapore So Mean?

I felt so mad and sorry for Lady J for what she had to go through. It’s an issue that has been infuriating me for years. Why don’t job interviewers in Singapore show some basic decency and respect.  Haven’t they … Continue reading

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Easter Bunny in Distress

Saw this really funny White Chocolate Easter Bunny at Swiss Bake at Nex. Something went wrong with the shape of the mouth and the missing front teeth. Makes the bunny look like it either ate some really hot peppers or … Continue reading

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I Would Never Let My Kid Use an iPad & Stories from My Childhood

It’s my third post at White as Milk. Would love to hear what you think. I talk a bit about my own childhood too. And even though I am not a parent (so not qualified as such), I express some … Continue reading

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New WordPress Views by Country (Yup I’m a blogger addicted to stats)

I was thrilled to find that WordPress now allows us to see stats by country.  The map of the world they added is so cool. Just the little things that make me happy. The fact that they have called the … Continue reading

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Why I Haven’t Gone for a Swim in Ages

I haven’t gone for a swim in ages and this new Seafolly store at Wisma Atria reminded me of how I used to love it. The feeling of weightlessness in the pool and just gliding. It was the most relaxing … Continue reading

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Marina Bay Sands: Singapore’s New Icon

Don’t think I will ever tire of seeing Singapore’s new icon from afar. Sorry Merlion. You’ve been bumped. I guess it’s appropriate, considering how much time Singaporeans spend in malls. But jokes aside this is one of the best ones, … Continue reading

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Humdrum Mall Observations: Bishan Junction 8

This shop, the Icing Room, would be quite pretty and attractive (I for one can’t resist pink). If it was the only one of its kind. But it’s a part of a chain and when you see them everywhere, it … Continue reading

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I Hate Shopping in Singapore (those crazy crowds)

After a weekend trying to avoid getting shoved in malls, I wrote a post about my Love Hate affair with them. And if you live in a sparsely populated country – lucky you. Here’s a taste of what a crowd … Continue reading

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