Humdrum Mall Observations: Bishan Junction 8

This shop, the Icing Room, would be quite pretty and attractive (I for one can’t resist pink). If it was the only one of its kind. But it’s a part of a chain and when you see them everywhere, it can be draining. I am kinda sick of seeing all these Bread Talk chain stores everywhere consuming every bit of shopping space. I guess no one likes a monopoly. Most of us want to see the small independent shops thrive. They add more character to our landscape.

photo by bookjunkie

Was recently at Bishan and saw that they had renovated the external facade. The huge ceiling fans were a nice addition. They are really quite effective. The other place where I saw fans like this, was at Somerset 313, above the open air cafes.

photo by bookjunkie

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4 Responses to Humdrum Mall Observations: Bishan Junction 8

  1. rachel says:

    hi! have been reading yr blog for some time now. i’ve enjoyed getting to know abt the eating places etc that u write abt. and yr writing is easy to read.

    i noticed tho’ a little error that creeps up in yr writing – it’s the mix-up of ‘it’s’. 😀 lots of people make this error and i hope u don’t mind me pointing this out.

    Eg – … the 2 sentences above: … If it was the only one of it’s kind. But it’s a part of a chain …

    ‘it’s’ is used in both sentences, but one should be ‘its’ and the other ‘it’s’. 🙂

    – the second sentence – ‘it’s’ is used appropriately; here ‘it’s’ is the short form for ‘it is’. (… But it’s/it is part of a chain …)
    – the first sentence – ‘it’s’ shd be ‘its’ without the apostrophe. (here ‘it’s’ cannot be lengthened to ‘it is’.)

    just a little comment.

    • bookjunkie says:

      Thanks so much Rachel. Yikes – typos are so embarrassing. I really should edit my work and not hit publish in such a hurry.

      It’s really weird how errors I don’t make with pen and paper creep up when I am typing online. I have observed my embarrassing spelling errors as well (thank goodness for spell check, which I really should use more often).

  2. rachel says:

    Nothing to be embarrassed about. I wrote in to u becos i enjoyed reading yr blogs and wanted yr writing to be even better so that it wd be enjoyable to even more people.

    It’s great that u’ve been invited to write for White as Milk. Congrats!

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