10 Awesome Singlish Words & My Clumsy Attempt at Explaining them all

I often think that it would be hard to express myself without a single word of Singlish. When I try to speak ‘proper English’ and replace those words, somehow, the precise meaning is lost. Also the whole situation becomes more formal and not as fun. Singlish is often used among very close family or friends and especially when we are joking around with each other. We often code switch between Standard English and Singlish depending on whom we’re speaking to and the situation.

Here are 10 expressions that I realize I use alot and my attempt at explanations. I have given very specific descriptions based mostly on how I use them though:

1. Atas: Can be used to diss people or establishments like posh restaurants

Singlish: You only like going to atas places like P S Cafe.
English: You only like going to expensive + posh + snooty places

2. Swakoo: To diss someone or yourself

Singlish: I’m very swakoo la.  I didn’t know that Duxton Hill had such a cool bookstore.
English: I’ve been holed up at home for far too long.  I have lost touch with what is hip or trendy.  I didn’t know that place existed.

3. Kancheong: To express your annoyance

Singlish: Don’t be so kancheong la.  We only need to be there at 6.30 pm.
English: Don’t be so annoyingly jittery and anxious. You’re getting me all stressed up in the process.

4. Kiasu – usually used to diss myself or others for exhibiting nerdy, want to be first, don’t wanna lose out behaviour

Singlish: Aiyo. So kiasu. These tuition centres only want to make money
English: Aiyo. So embarrassingly and unncessarily hot housing children which I think will  backfire as it only promotes memorization and exam skills.


5. Paiseh: can be used in many situtations. Usually said in situations where you don’t want to trouble the other person out of courtesy.

Singlish: You ask. I don’t want to ask. Paiseh la.
English: It’s so embarrassing and not too nice to impose on them and ask.

6. Malu (Very similar meaning to Paiseh but the root word is Malay and not Hokkien)

Singlish: So Malu. I had my zipper open the whole time and I didn’t know.
English: So embarrassing that I won’t be able to face those people.

7. Kiam Chye – it’s actually a preserved vegetable. The word is used to express distaste or to scold.

Singlish: You treat your books like Kiam Chye.
English: You treat your books like garbage. They are in a terrible state.

8.  Ketok – Used to laugh at someone’s misfortune when they paid more than they should and didn’t bargain very well.

Singlish: You paid S$50 for one durian? You Kena Ketok. It’s not even real Mao Shan Wang.
English: You paid S$5o for the durian? You just got hoodwinked and cheated. It’s not even the top grade durian.

9. Sian – used to express how lousy you feel

Singlish: Not another crowded mall? I feel so sian.
English: Uggh. I loathe them. They make me feel worst than bored. It’s such a drag.

10. Kaypoh – To scold someone in order to discourage that behaviour

Singlish: Aiyo. Don’t stare la.  Don’t be so kaypoh.
English: Oh dear. Will you stop staring. It’s so obvious that you’re being nosy.

And I always say ya instead of yes.

Just my rojak (jumbled up and disorganized) attempt at explaining some Singlish to my expat friends who may have picked it up already and not even know it. Especially if you’ve been here for more than a year.

The Happeepill video above explains paiseh so well. You must go check out the rest of the videos of this talented artist.

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12 Responses to 10 Awesome Singlish Words & My Clumsy Attempt at Explaining them all

  1. Maria says:

    Love it! The only thing missing is the sound files 🙂

  2. katrijn says:

    Thank you for Happeepill! Blondie too is a fan, sitting on my lap 🙂 Also, thank you for the Singlish – I am trying to learn, but it’s hard, and these explanations really help. Thank you again!

    • bookjunkie says:

      I was wondering if I was making any sense 😉 So glad you like it and I am such a fan of Happeepill. Glad Blondie liked it too 🙂

  3. Miso says:

    Check out “Dr Jiajia Singlish” on youtube. Very cute boy and his older brother had done over 20+ videos on Singlish, good entertainment.

  4. Laura says:

    Love hearing Singlish though I still feel like I know so little. I actually get a little buzz of excitement when I understand things I didn’t actually know I did. I think from hearing it used and reading things like your blog post etc. I must have actually absorbed more than I realise.

    I imagine in years to come if I were somewhere and suddenly heard someone using it I’d have to go up to them just to say ‘hi’!

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  6. Nicole says:

    Super like itttt!!! I loved to say Singlish, although I only know a few words ……

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