I Have a Crush on Andy Warhol

I didn’t know much about Andy Warhol except for those Campbells soup can and Marilyn Monroe prints. Boy was I missing out.  After visiting the exhibition at the Arts Science Musuem at Marina Bay Sands, 15 Minutes Eternal, I am now a huge fan.  It was instantaneous.  As you enter the exhibit the first thing you watch is a television interview of the young artist in Canada I think.  He is absolutely adorable and incredibly quirky.  He answers all the questions with “Um Yes” or “Um No”. I felt immediately that I could identify with him – that social awkwardness.  But in this case some of it was probably deliberate as you can see a giggle escape in the middle of the interview, and you could tell it was all part of the performance.  Loved how he responded to his critics this way.

I am no Art expert but I do like museums and I wouldn’t even mind another visit to this exhibit. As you can tell I was absolutely charmed and just want to learn everything I can about the artist.  He was more than what I imagined.  He is really talented and can draw and paint.  There was a video that mesmerized me where he was painting a larger than life sized self portrait of himself in drag. He’s multi-talented and did film as well, another aspect of his work I was not aware of. I liked that he slowed down film and the effect was hypnotic.

I think if anyone plays a young Andy Warhol in a biography, it should be the adorable Chris Colfer of Glee fame. I see quite a resemblance. Andy Warhol’s life story is fascinating as well. He was shot at close range by someone he knew, but he survived the attack. Survived physically but it understandably shook him to the core and he was naturally traumatized after that incident.

Even though we were strictly told not to take pictures (downer), I hope the Arts Science Museum and Marina Bay Sands don’t mind too much, since I enjoyed the exhibition so much and really think more people should see it. I sneakily took some.  Could not resist, I’m sorry. As a Singapore resident the S$13 price tag was a bargain I think, considering that I paid more than double that the first time I came for the Dali exhibit. Although this exhibit was not as extensive as the Dali one, I enjoyed this one more. I don’t know why, but I just did. Perhaps because it was more of a discovery for me. I knew more about Dali than Warhol. Pricing is much more reasonable now and I love the discount for residents even though it’s just S$2 less. I’m not sure if this exhibit is suitable for kids though.  They might be a lot more interested in the upcoming Harry Potter one.  My friend’s kids who are down from overseas wanted to watch that, but unfortunately it only starts in June.

The exhibition continues on the basement level. These were by Asian artists inspired by Warhol. These are the two paintings I liked best. Who can resist Lychee and Luncheon meat. It’s our Campbell’s soup.

The area outside the Arts Science Museum is now so pretty wit the lotuses.

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6 Responses to I Have a Crush on Andy Warhol

  1. serene says:

    Nice! I want to go see it too!

  2. ThinkPinkToo says:

    I found the excerpt from that interview with Andy Warhol at the beginning of the exhibit:

    • bookjunkie says:

      I saw a video of it on YouTube, but thought I’d upload it only when the exhibition is over perhaps. He’s so cute in it.

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