Lovely Ann Siang Hill: Little Drom Store, Kki, Wild Child & Wood in the Books

My new favourite area is Duxton Hill, but Ann Siang Hill is pretty sweet as well.

Our first stop was the Little Drom Store which includes Kki. All within the same charming store. The little cakes blew me away with their perfection. Pity I don’t have a picture to show you.

And I desired this owl plate so bad. Isn’t it the most whimsical thing ever?

You can make your own liquor hot chocolate. Brilliant idea. Real chocolate too and not the powdered stuff.

Some history about the man who owned Ann Siang.

I always get the best pictures when the sun unleashes her heat without mercy.

Luckily there’s shade and things to look out for like retro tiles.

I must say this area is quite beautiful.

More retro features like this old wooden doors.

One store that melted our hearts is Wild Child which sells the loveliest furniture for a nursery.

Loved the idea of a wooden board with your child’s name painted on it. I’m not sure if they do customization though. But if your baby’s name is Isabella, you might wanna grab this.

I also loved the storybook art work for the baby’s room. Charmed the socks off me.

Aren’t these little cribs, just the sweetest? The new mum in my family will love this store.

Wood in the Books is absolutely charming as well. Lovely picture books within.

Saw this blind folded bunny with a golden gun and my cousin found it creepy. It was outside a bar. I found it interesting. Definitely caught my attention.

We also checked out PS Cafe (the one that doesn’t allow kids & seemed very atas from reviews on the web) and had drinks at Shots (looks like they are moving to Club Street), which I’ll cover in the next post.

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8 Responses to Lovely Ann Siang Hill: Little Drom Store, Kki, Wild Child & Wood in the Books

  1. serene says:

    love the owl plate too! love all things owl actually!

    wild child is a beautiful! definitely a place to get inspirations for all mums-to-be!

    • bookjunkie says:

      I am drawn towards owls as well. Especially in a fairy tale setting. And when I saw them at the bird park I was transfixed by those glass like eyes.

  2. Crystal says:

    I can hear my wallet calling out to me. Will absolutely have to make time to get there while E’s in school one day soon.

  3. Angrycustomer. says:

    The shop owner at Wild Child is an absolute bitch. My wife and I walked into the shop looking for gifts, instead we got scolded for taking photos of items in the shop. Just because we didn’t look like expats/ we didn’t look wealthy, the shop owner scolded us without before even saying hi

  4. Sara Tng says:

    Hi guys! I’m holidaying from Australia and had hoped to get some nice things for bub as I’m pregnant, but I was treated really rudely by the lady at the store 🙁 I was so disappointed and it was so difficult to purchase anything.

  5. DennisT says:

    Wild child was a huge disappointment. Within 5 minutes of walking in, the store assistant/manager offered no greeting/help and made a few rude comments to us. When we went slightly deeper into the store, she went towards the door, picked up her cellphone and had a conversation loudly about wanting to close the store in the next 5 minutes in an irritated and impatient tone. That made us feel really unwelcome.
    My wife who is pregnant but not yet showing left feeling insulted. We did see a number of items we would have picked up if the service hadn’t been so disappointing. I’ve had some bad service in Singapore, but this tops it off.

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