PS Cafe at Ann Siang Hill: the one where kids are not allowed

I expected PS Cafe at Ash Park, to turn us away after the reviews I read online about how they turned away people wearing Birkin slippers. We decided to try our luck and were mentally prepared for rejection and disdain. But they were real nice to us and we didn’t feel in any way turned off. And we were extremely dressed down (sloppy to some) in the sweltering heat. Perhaps we were lucky and got one of the nicer wait staff? Really don’t know.

I expected the truffle fries to taste better, but maybe I just didn’t know how to appreciate them. We both loved the drinks but I loved the calamari and the sauces it came with. The additional sweet sauce was a nice change. Wish they portions would have been more generous, like the fries. The fries were way too much and the calamari portion was too small.

The ambience was real nice though. It was cosy, sitting in a corner on the top floor. And if we come here again, it’ll probably be for the cocktails which looked interesting. The restaurant is tucked away up the stairway, at Ann Siang Hill.


Just in case you wanna check it out too, or perhaps try your luck with the unstated dress code? It’s at 45 Ann Siang Road. And silly me. I just only realized that Ash Park is actually short for Ann Siang Hill Park.

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3 Responses to PS Cafe at Ann Siang Hill: the one where kids are not allowed

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  2. Crystal says:

    The whole “no kids” thing is so offensive to me. Ban badly behaving people of ALL ages, sure. But to automatically assume all kids are evil is just discriminatory.

    • bookjunkie says:

      That’s so true. There are loads of badly behaving people that should be banned. And kids often just mimic their parents and I sometimes feel the parents are more badly behaved than the kids themselves.

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