Eng’s Wan Tan Mee at Tanjong Katong is so Yummy

I didn’t know much about Eng’s Wan Tan Mee at 287 Tanjong Katong Road, and that it originated from Dunmon Food Centre till I read the review at Soshiok. During the weekends there is a massive queue here so we finally made a visit on a weekday. I was not disappointed. I loved the dense noodle texture. It was just perfect. You must be prepared though. You might not be used to this wan tan mee as it’s not cooked with the sauce and maybe you’ll find it dry? But I liked it. You can add, chilli sauce, tomato sauce and green pickled chillies as you desire.

I also soon discovered why the staff here were constantly refilling the chilli squeeze bottles. The orange red chilli sauce is the highlight and uniqueness of this wan tan mee. It’s firey hot and as a chilli queen I love it. I also appreciated the delicious boiled dumplings and the char siew that was thinly sliced (with no yucky muscles or fat on it). They were generous with the greens but I didn’t quite care for that. B on the other hand wasn’t as keen on this version of wan tan mee as I was. He felt that he has had better and he wouldn’t queue for this. So try it out for yourself and tell me what you think.

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