The Harry Potter Exhibition at Singapore’s Art Science Museum

I have to confess I am not really a fan of Harry Potter, but my young cousins are. But if I have good company, I’m all game for a museum visit and with Marina Bay Sands now so conveniently connected to the MRT it’s even more enticing to visit the Art Science Museum.

D’s favourite exhibit is the Dali/Van Gogh one and I was charmed by Andy Warhol. The thing I loved best about the Harry Potter exhibit was the very first girl who welcomed us in and asked for volunteers to experience the sorting hat. She could be an actress and she really did a great job. She spoke clearly and it almost felt like we were inside the Wizard school. I also loved the interactive display of the squealing mandrakes – those were the cutest.

As I only saw the first film and didn’t read any of the books, I’m not really a good judge of this exhibit, but even my companions who are big fans were not that impressed. They felt the whole thing was over too fast. Before we knew it we were at the end and to the section where they were selling wands and stuffed owls. The T shirts looked attractive to me but not the price of 50 bucks.

I think if you’re a super fan, you’ll appreciate all the stuff like the actual costumes and props from the movies. The stuff at the museum shop was tempting but definitely overpriced. It sucked that I couldn’t take photos inside, but I kinda understand why. Unlike the other exhibitions, if I show you the photos, it’s like showing everything and would spoil the experience. Here are some I took outside the actual exhibit.

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11 Responses to The Harry Potter Exhibition at Singapore’s Art Science Museum

  1. Pam says:

    Cheers for not showing us the whole exhibit. I was thinking of going, but now after reading this post I’ll definately make it a point to go now 🙂

  2. Lady J says:

    Hmm I’m still thinking if we should go for the exhibition. Not a huge fan but I loved the books and the movies…

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  4. Wickedgirlfriend says:

    I found the exhibit bland because there were hardly any interactive pieces (except for the screaming mandrakes).

  5. Aunty Uta says:

    Thank you Bookjunkie, for coming over to my blog. I have to do a lot of catching up to do with your blogs. I like the pictures you included with this blog. I never read any Harry Potter books and didn’t even see one of the movies. But some of my grandchildren were big Harry Potter fans for some time. I’m going to tell them about this exhibition in Singapore.

    • bookjunkie says:

      Love your blog. I could be an autobiography/book 🙂

      I am more of an Enid Blyton fan..never read any Potter books myself although my cousins have and they are fans who teach me what all the various Potter terms mean 🙂

  6. Crystal says:

    I would strongly encourage you to read the books. They’re very well written (one or two could have been edited down a bit) and are a great example of epic fantasy and the hero’s journey. Complex characters, no one is simply good or evil…and Rowling isn’t afraid to kill off major characters as needed.

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