Vintage Cars at Orchard Central

B is a car person, me not so much. Sometimes he talks to me about cars and I drift away. I don’t even like driving so I’m glad he likes it. He does complain about the COE though and commented that if not for the 10 year limit on cars there would be a lot more interesting vintage cars on the road.

I have to agree that I quite like vintage cars. They have so much more character although they are pretty bulky and I suppose oil guzzlers? And they had huge engines and tiny boots. But those car boots were so cute.

I especially loved the pink Combi we saw. It’s being rented out for wedding photography these days and I think it’s a splendid idea. There were some really cute products like the unique T’s at the car boot sale too. It’s rather nice to come across something a little different from the usual. Our Great Singapore Sales are all kinda fake anyway – I mean I don’t find the discounts very enticing and it always feels like shops are getting rid of old products.

Singa the courtesy lion made an appearance (probably to fit in with the retro theme?) but his head looked a bit weird and flat. But I guess that’s how he’s supposed to look.

Reminded me of my dad and uncles’ first cars. I feel nostalgic for them.


The powder pink wedding Combi was the prettiest thing ever.

Some information about the famous VW van.

Very cute T’s for sale. Some T Shirt prints I see out there are just ghastly and I wish there could be more cool ones likes these.

I thought the back to the future car was ugly but I was enraptured by the movie when it first came out.


I really do prefer chunky curvy cars to flat streamlined ones.

To add to the 60’s feel there were girls on skates. There was even a clown on stilts although I must say I am not a fan of clowns in general unless it’s Cirque de Soleil.

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2 Responses to Vintage Cars at Orchard Central

  1. Laura says:

    I’m no car expert but on the rare occasions I do see an older car in Singapore, they realy do stand out in the crowd.

    • bookjunkie says:

      I haven’t spotted one in quite a while. I once saw some parked in a house but I wonder if they are taken out at all. Looked so pristine.

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