Kay Lee Roast Meat at 125 Paya Lebar Road

We headed to Kay Lee Roast Meat in Paya Lebar for lunch and it has a history in Singapore going back to the 70’s. I had no idea and it was my first time there.

This place is supposed to have the yummiest roasted bbq pork (char siew) and duck ever and was recently in the media as the owners wanted to sell the business and were offered S$3 million but they don’t want to let it go for anything less than S$3.5 millon.

I don’t quite care for the fatty part of the pork and only like Peking or braised duck, but B really likes roast duck, although he prefers the one at Serangoon. For the char siew, he says the fat of the pork is what gives the full flavour. My favourite part is the charred sticky sweet bits – so good. Although I must say the chilli at the roast meat place at Serangoon was way better.

They are closed on Tuesday and I found out this information on their dramatic website. It has music and a dancing pig on it.



There’s home-made barley here.

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4 Responses to Kay Lee Roast Meat at 125 Paya Lebar Road

  1. Lady J says:

    That char siew rice looks seriously good! Had a light dinner and your pics are making me hungry! Arh! ;p

    • bookjunkie says:

      I like the way the honey or sugar on the meat glistens. The charred bits are my fave. Hungry all over again too 😉

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