A New French Cafe at Wisma?: Paris Baguette Cafe

Latest Update: I tried out the place and you can read about it here. Included loads of pictures.

Update: The Cafe is now open but I am not that impressed as there was no table service and not enough cushion type seats. You have to queue up to order so I didn’t bother this time. The sandwiches looked good but I was shocked that the tea costs the same as TWG at S$11.

In order to not be biased (since I haven’t tried eating there yet), do check out the comments from readers below. I did receive quite a number of positive comments from people who have tried out the bread at original branches in Korea and the US, and would love it you could add your views if you’ve checked out the Singapore branch. They generally say that it will beat the competitor Bread Talk and have pitched it against Bread Talk rather than a cafe like Paul’s for instance. I really need to scrutinize the prices though to see if they have been marked up for Singapore. Only saw the tea price and not the prices for sandwiches and such.

What I wrote previously:
There seem to be a number of French Cafes opening in Singapore. I am really excited about a new one I spotted at Wisma and I was hoping it’s authentic – as in, really from France. It’s called Paris Baguette Cafe. It’s at the spot previously occupied by the Taiwanese restaurant Din Tai Fung which has now moved up to the Food Republic at Level 4. I did a google search and found that they are right now in the midst of hiring staff and that it’s a chain from Korea that operates in the USA as well. So not too authentic, but I can’t judge till I try it out when it opens.

I should have figured as a real Parisian Cafe  would not have the word Paris in it’s name. Just like Singapore does not have Singapore noodles. When I first tried Singapore noodles in the US, I thought, what is this horrendous dish. It’s like instant noodles fried with just too much curry powder. It was really awful to me.

Right now my favourite cafe is Maison Kayser at Scotts Square, although the ambience at Paul at Ngee Ann City is a bit nicer. I prefer Kayser for the service and quality of the pastries. These two cafes originate from France. There’s also Tiong Bahru Bakery, helmed by a French Chef.

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11 Responses to A New French Cafe at Wisma?: Paris Baguette Cafe

  1. Serene says:

    It is not from Paris but it’s a top favourite in Korea! I love their bread! Going to beat local chain like Breadtalk hands down if they can make it big!

  2. Paris Baguette is awesome! In korea, the prices are abt the same as our breadtalk but the variety and quality is impressive!

  3. fubby says:

    the executive chef for paris baguette is french and top restaurants in the US actually use their bread.. it is amazing. I always get it when I am in Seoul or Palo Alto.

  4. girlgirl says:

    today is the first day of their opening to public!

  5. Leenchong says:

    oh i was waiting for it to be open and was so happy to chance upon it just now! I was addicted to the breads when I was in Korea few mths ago..there are alot of varierty of breads and the calories level of the bread are all written cos I can see that koreans are very health conscious… the varierty seem to be lesser here..but i shall try it soon!

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