Maison Kayser has the Best Freshly Baked Bread in Singapore

I can’t wait to make a return visit to Maison Kayser at Scotts Square even though the drinks were disappointing the both times I was here. The coffee I had previously was weak and this time the tea was weak too. Tea bags always disappoint me and I need real tea leaves not tea dust. But the hard bread and croissant we had were so good. Cousin D and I immediately thought of cousin C who loves hard bread. The kitchen was visible and it seems that everything is freshly baked. I finished every bit of my bacon, scrambled eggs and croissant and wished I could have more bacon. The service here is excellent and I recall reading somewhere that it is managed by the Japanese headquarters of the Parisian chain. This notion was confirmed when a very polite and sweet Japanese lady was going around giving bread samples. She made us feel very welcome. I had bread with orange pieces in it that was absolutely divine. The ambience may not match Paul’s though as it’s very much simpler and decor and more open. But it doesn’t quite matter as Scotts Square is a much quieter place compared to Ngee Ann City, so there’s less human traffic.

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  1. notabilia says:

    Maison Keyser is probably my favorite bakery chain in the world. We discovered it on a 2008 trip to Paris. I’m overjoyed that there is a branch in Singapore.

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