Maison Kayser: My Favourite Place for Bacon, Scrambled Eggs & Croissants

After being to quite a number of cafes, Maison Kayser is now my favourite place for breakfast. I like the polite service, relaxed ambience and most of all, the quality of the croissants, bacon and eggs. Been here a couple of times already.

Even though I have a sweet tooth I don’t like creams or fillings that are too cloyingly sweet. And these days I’m starting to appreciate savoury things more and finding that I like the buttery taste of plain croissant. I do like the free samples of bread they offer here too and the orange bread is my favourite.

Even though the cheese was really good, I guess I was a bit disappointed as the slices were not melted into the eggs. Next time I won’t opt for the additional cheese at S$2. The coffee here is not strong the way I like it, but the milky taste would definitely appeal to B who doesn’t drink much coffee unless it’s laden with milk. But the taste of the Cafe Au Lait is kinda growing on me, although S$6 for a small cup is pretty expensive. D felt that the Rosehip & Rose Blend tea was lovely too. That was about S$6 too. The croissants and eggs were the same price as the drinks. The additional bacon was worth it at S$2. We also tried the chocolate Eclair (filling was way too sweet and didn’t appeal to me at all) and the tart (also too sweet for me). The hot chocolate was good though – nice and smooth like the coffee and they used real chocolate and not powdered mixes I believe.


I’ll definitely be back as I like quiet places like Scotts Square which is still pretty close to the MRT.

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  1. Lady J says:

    I need to go down to Maison Kayser again to try the croissant. Heard pretty good reviews of it, though I’m not too sure about the watered-down coffee..

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