#92. Anything Under the Sun at Mustafa

Mustafa, the 24 hour shopping mall in Little India is a Singapore experience you should not miss. It’s hard to describe it and the first time you enter it can be an assault to the senses. So much stuff with no particular order and the staff here are not very helpful, but it’s all part of the experience, including how your purchases are tied up in plastic bags and even expensive stuff seems to be tossed about and stacked nonchalantly. Now on twitter they also have the coolest marketing person and it’s odd because when you think of Mustafa you think old school and very traditional, so it’s such a wonderful contrast.

So many quirky and wonderful things to spot there, and I just had to take a picture of this compact powder. It’s what my mum used way back in the 70’s. The exact same brand. When I played with her make-up, I liked applying this on my face too, although it always looked a bit orange.

Because Indian men like having beards you can find a lot of beard related products here.

So many pharmaceutical products I never laid eyes on before. Love the packaging as it reminds me of India.

Cousin C told me that Saffron is more expensive than gold and I never knew that before. Seeing this some packet of saffron. Yeah, that must be true.

They sell almost everything here including baby milk powder. But I gasped as I didn’t know milk powder was this expensive.

Never go to the supermarket section of Mustafa on a Sunday. It’s pretty crazy and I was bumped into so many times. I can’t lie. I was super annoyed. I even overheard some conversations and tourists were mentioning meeting back at the hotel which made me wonder, are they gonna cook in the hotel? Or are they buying stuff home? I was really curious about that. But it can be a wonderful experience browsing at off peak hours.

I bought some rambutans, but they were not very good. It’s not the season anymore, so that’s why.

I giggled when I saw these. Shows how Singapore is becoming quite the place for gambling. Something our leaders were very against for many years, citing social problems it would cause.

And fines of course.

You can come shopping in the middle of the night to beat the crowds and that’s definitely a reason to be happy in Singapore.

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4 Responses to #92. Anything Under the Sun at Mustafa

  1. notabilia says:

    I <3 Mustafa. (And, yes, milk powder. My, oh, my!)

    • bookjunkie says:

      I was really shocked to see the price of infant formula. No wonder my cousin is trying to find cheaper options.

      Mustafa is really so awesome & unique huh? 🙂

  2. Dita says:

    Love your posts! 🙂

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