#94. I Truly Love Our Vast Botanic Gardens

As I get closer to 100 on my happiness list, I feel that I can go beyond that number and I never thought I would even come close.  It’s quite a lovely feeling. And even though we now have Gardens by the Bay, my first love will always be the more natural Botanic Gardens. And it helps that it’s free to take a breather here. Yes, to no entrance fees. Here’s what I wrote when I visited the place with my cousin in May:

It was a fun walk, especially when you have great company. But we were so sticky at the end of it. Glad that it’s so convenient with the MRT now. This time we walked towards the Visitor’s Lodge and right up to the entrance of Halia restaurant and the Orchid Garden. The next time we’ll make it all the way to Swan Lake. And here are the photos we took along the way. My favourite was the little cave with the fountain. How refreshing to get splashed by the water after a really humid day.

Almost didn’t notice the words Botanic Gardens. Blended in.  And I love the leaf prints on the glass above.

The clearly marked signs along the way were very helpful.  We were a bit late this time, but we hope to check out the Orchard Garden one day.

Loved the pebbled paths.

Maybe we should have turned left to explore the Bukit Timah core instead.

if our temperatures would dip by even a couple of degrees, this would be closer to paradise.

The sound of rushing waters just outside Cafe Verde – music to my hears. Drowns all those cares away. Just in that moment.

The park is open till midnight. I haven’t walked here really late at night. But perhaps it might be more pleasant then? Won’t get to see much of the lovely green, though I’m sure the warm lamps will make it quite magical.

A little cave we both fell for.

Heard a really strange sound coming from the pond and we were eager to see the creature producing it. But it never emerged. It couldn’t have been either a frog or a duck. It was like the weirdest gurgling sound.

The sun was about to set.

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  1. RP says:

    The gardens are so beautiful, but I just realized that the signs are not in Tamil, aren’t they supposed to, seeing as it’s an official language?

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