Paul: Better Service this Time & Lovely Creme Brulee

Made a second visit to the French Bakery Cafe, Paul, at Ngee Ann City. This time with my cousin. I told her that service here was snooty and bad the last time.  This time however there seemed to be overcompensation (we were approached by 3 different wait staff to take our order). I guess after all the complaints by many people in blogs and food review sites. I did appreciate the increased attention to service though – shows that they are trying and any improvement is good in my book. There was this older Singaporean woman who served us and she seemed like a teacher doing this part time. She gave off a teacher vibe. She really seemed to want us to feel welcome and even though she cleared our plates she kept refilling our iced water and telling us that she did not mean to rush us.

The hot chocolate was not as good as the first time though. And this is the problem in Singapore. Once the people at the head office return, sometimes standards tend to fall.  This time it seems food quality took a hit. I expected the waffles to be better. Definitely not even close to the standard of the roadside waffles in Paris. On the other hand we thought the creme brulee we had was the best we’ve had in Singapore and not too expensive at S$7.90. The portion size was very generous too. Definitely will have this again one day.

A peek at the menu and prices.

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