A Trip to the Newly Renovated Changi Terminal 1: Kinetic Rain

I know I’m really late to post about this, but I’ve been having a major blog backlog. You know how you get spurts of inspiration to write. Well I’m having one such spurt now. Anyhoo, took the train to Changi Airport. I’m not very fond of Paya Lebar MRT station but I like the new gigantic ceilings fans they have introduced. At least it’s not so stuffy now at this always overcrowded station.

When I reached Changi Airport Terminal 1 the first thing I wanted to see was the much talked about Kinetic Rain and I have admit it’s a super cool addition. I really like the falling tear drops.

Not as swanky as T3 but I guess better than before. A lot less tired looking.

I liked looking out at the viewing gallery, but the platform you stand on is transparent making me conscious that people can look up skirts – yikes.

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