A Second Visit to Verandah for Lunch

I think the wait staff standing around is a waste. They should do table service and then I would like the place a whole lot more. Considering what they charge for upscale, but not as good hawker food, they really should. Please don’t be another rip off touristy place, just because you’re located at Gardens at the Bay and you can.

Came here again because I wanted D’s opinion and it was her first time here. I liked the crispy chicken wings and the achar (sweet indian style pickled vegetables) and we both agreed the hokkien mee was better than expected although just think of it as a healthy home-made version. D said her mum can easily make this.

The staff took forever to bring us one lime and they also took forever to tell us there was no sambal. Their other duty seems to be just directing people to their seats. They were very polite though, appreciate that always, but I still don’t understand why there is no table service unless the staff here are paid a pittance. I really think Singapore should introduce tipping and the wait staff should get to keep the tips.

On a positive note I do like the decor here and it was pretty nice that day as it wasn’t crowded and it’s a pleasant place for a chat with a loved one. There’s free iced water too. Always a must in my book. But yeah we could both hear our parents complaining that we could get so much better at the hawker centre, for much cheaper too.

You can read about my last visit here. I sometimes feel like I have egg on my face when I criticize a place, only to return. But then again if the place is not a total rip-off and there are some redeeming qualities and someone I’m with has never been there, I’m always game and willing to give it a second chance. Actually this place is not that bad. I will write about places that are terrible soon and those places I am quite sure I won’t make a return trip to unless they do a total revamp.

My cousin likes opinionated posts so I’m making an attempt to be more opinionated than I usually am.

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