Au Chocolat at Marina Bay Sands (Real Hot Chocolate & Cheesecake)

So many French Cafes all over town and that’s great news to me. This one in particular is French inspired (said to be Singapore grown) and I must say it’s one of the best hot chocolates I’ve had lately. I have to alert you that it’s super rich though (the waitress did tell me this when I asked). It’s like like melted chocolate and needs to be shared. But I am so glad of being served this instead of the insipid hot chocolate at other places which tastes more like chocolate milk or worse.

I usually don’t care for cheesecake, but the plain cheesecake was also one of the best I’ve had in Singapore and that’s saying a lot as our desserts can be disappointing at times.

The only downer was that the seats were not too comfortable for me. No real back support but I guess these are the type of seats you get in the Parisian bistros. I also loved the cute logo for the place and was enticed by the merchandize. I think this place has the formulae right and I am so curious about the owners behind it. Nothing on their official website yet. They have a facebook page too. The place opens at 10 am till midnight and it’s located at level 3 (2 levels about the skating rink).

The decor was so charming, especially the little choo choo train.

Isn’t the logo just too cute. Reminds me of Miyazaki’s animation.

There’s even a ‘fireplace’ to create that cosy feel. Although in Singapore we don’t need reminders of the heat.

The napkins were very thick but rough like sandpaper.

I cannot rave enough about the cheesecake and I have a feeling all the cakes here are great. Glad that the iced water was free as you need quite a lot of sips with rich desserts.

Finally. Real hot chocolate in Singapore.

So rich that a layer forms on the top. I saw an iced version on the menu too. Prices are generally quite steep though, the hot chocolate costing about S$9 if I recall right and the iced version S$3 more.

The cute doggie mascot was out.

I think the place appealed to me because of all the tasteful use of colour. Everything was just so pretty. Reminded me of the TWG concept which is why I’m curious to know more about the place and how it came about. Also, why it’s promoted as originating in 1966. Is there a similar cafe in Paris that inspired this one?

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  1. I’ll be at MBS tomorrow–maybe we can squeeze in a visit!

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