4 Things: Finding Happiness in the Supposedly Mundane

I was thinking about happiness and how I could find it without spending any money or leaving my house.

1. Well one thing I know for sure that would make me happy is if I successfully organize all my stuff and get rid of clutter. Organize it all so well that I know where everything is when I need it and there’s nothing that is just sitting there occupying space and collecting dust because for some reason I can’t bear to let it go. Sentimental value is a good reason to me. What I mean is those manuals that I never refer to but which I absurdly think I might need one day. Or those boxes my hard drive comes in. It’s ridiculous that I keep stuff like this when I hardly have enough room as it is. I have never quite achieved this clutter free success but somehow having this task and the promise of achieving it makes me happy. It’s like my special monumental project that I will one day get done to perfection.

2. It would make me happy to discover an unread book or an old favourite and actually read it. That would give me tremendous satisfaction.

3. I hate exercise, but sometimes I feel really good after I’ve had a physically strenuous day. Especially when I don’t even realize I have been moving about so much. The best kind of movement is when you’re playing with kids. So much joy and at the same time you tend to move a lot as they have so much energy. You use your brain a lot too as they often want you to tell them stories constantly and you need to think to come up with new ideas.

4. Listening to music and singing terribly. That’s a pretty joyous thing too. I found myself singing badly to ‘Love of a Lifetime’ by FireHouse the other day and I was wondering why Glee hadn’t used this amazing 80’s rock ballad yet.


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2 Responses to 4 Things: Finding Happiness in the Supposedly Mundane

  1. mf says:

    Yes, happiness is everywhere! Clear blue skies make me happy too! 🙂 Think it’s what we choose to focus on, e.g. ice cream = happy, expanding waistline = um, let me not think about it when eating ice cream haha!

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