New At Tampines 1: Dairy Queen & Muji

There’s a Dairy Queen here now. They used to be in Singapore, then they left and now they’re back.

A pink kitchen scale at the Sqft Home Decor store.

Muji has a branch here now. Tampines 1 is getting more interesting. I like the stationary section quite a bit.

Lovely cakes at the Japanese Bakery Yamazaki. Never tried them but they look like they won’t disappoint.

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5 Responses to New At Tampines 1: Dairy Queen & Muji

  1. Hope you enjoy yourself there 🙂

  2. LL says:

    I can’t imagine a world without Dairy Queen! I don’t go there often, but I like having the comfort that if I were craving an Orange Julius or a chocolate dipped cone, it would be there. I <3 the original OJ.

  3. jellyheartslove says:

    Yamazaki has good bread! Personally loved the Japanese curry doughnut with cheese. Make sure you get the one w the cheese cubes (they have the ones without but it defn tastes better with). Their melon pan (original) tastes great! Very crispy exterior and fluffy interior. Their Belgian waffles are delicious, especially of you manage to get the freshly made piping hot ones. Never fails to impress. Tried their cream puff (whipped cream and custard) – didn’t really liked it cuz there were more whipped cream than custard, I would have preferred it the other way round. Their strawberry fruit tart was good but slightly pricey @ $5.80.

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