Storm Clouds Gathered at East Coast Beach

A stormy day at East Coast Beach. The sky threatened, but we did not let it keep us away till fat droplets hit our faces. Warm rain is not strange to us here. And somehow. If you didn’t tell me where this was. I could have imagined another tropical place far away.

Would have loved to sit there for hours digging my toes into the sand. Watching toy ships on this body of water. Soothing little waves making their little sloshing sounds.

Felt sorry for people living in tents. They might have been camping but I have heard stories about the homeless taking shelter at the beach. And then a police car came on the scene to ask them to take the tents down? I think? After they struggled with the winds to keep the tents stable. Life sometimes is just too perfectly rigid.

Also noticed a new sign – warning of dangers that never crossed my mind. I guess that’s the kind of thing the government worries about.

More pictures from a day at the Eastern coast of Singapore.

A kind of day that suits me – no malls.

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3 Responses to Storm Clouds Gathered at East Coast Beach

  1. Laura says:

    My neighbourhood 🙂 love East Coast Park

  2. carrotoh says:

    nice. its been a long time since i have been there although we always drove pass ECP 🙂

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