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It has been a long time since we’ve had high tea at Hyatt. I have fond memories of high tea with my Aunty S as the waterfall rushed down in their old cosy lounge. It’s now called 10 Scotts Lounge and we had to take the first session (even on a weekday) which was only from 12 to 2.30 pm. That was the first disappointment but there was more to come.

The waterfall is still there but somehow I find the whole setting more conducive for business meetings. The company was great but we were all not that impressed by the spread.

The best thing for the briyani and mango chutney. A queue started forming around this counter as it was not self serve. Bad idea I think. And after a while they ran out of chicken and there was only basmati rice left. Even the tea wasn’t that great. I found it lacking in fragrance. The iced ginger drink was nice though. We also liked the mix of orange and carrot juice. It was nice to check out a different place.

In a way the novelty added to the experience but we wouldn’t come here again as we have better options. One of the servers rattled off the drinks we could pick at such a rapid rate. The other servers were more patient. So I had a mixed experienced when it came to service. I guess the lady in charge was pretty nice but some of the staff too business like. Also as we were waiting for the high tea to commence there were people discussing business deals loudly so it was quite off-putting. Much prefer the relaxed setting at Shangri-la’s Rose Veranda. The longer hours on weekdays helps push this up my list of favourites too.

As we made an exit at the lift lobby we noticed the waterfall.

The mangoes looked enticing but were watery and disappointing.

The tanginess of orange made the carrot juice lovelier. Free flows of drinks (coffee excluding kopi luwak, tea and two juices). Not impressed by the weak coffee or the tea that reminded me of what I can prepare at home.

If you don’t make a special request you could end up on these uncomfortable wooden chairs. For me a must with high tea are the cosy sofas.

You are served a tier as well but nothing impressed me. I guess the egg caviar tartlets were the best thing on the tray. The popiah was soggy and disappointing. I have to share my quite harsh opinions because we ourselves picked the place based on complimentary reviews. Perhaps I’m just being finicky or rather I’ve had much better. It’s always a pain to know you could have had something better for perhaps slightly more. But the experience is not a waste to me as I get to blog about it and share my experience.

There was ice cream too. Chocolate and hazelnut. But hard as a rock and hardly thawed out.

The scones were ok, but kaya with scones is just weird. I am not too keen on fusion food.

Wanted the vanilla tea but they ran out. That was really disappointing.

It looks more like a business lounge and I prefer the old Hyatt tea room that was so dark and cosy. It even had a pianist tinkling away on the ivories. Makes me think often an upgrade is not good news. I think the hotel just wants to seat more people and more more money from tourists.

Salads and Cheeses were available too.

The hot and iced chocolate – both not up to scratch.

Yeah you might enjoy it, but I was nostalgic for the old Hyatt traditional English afternoon tea in the much cosier almost romantic setting. But sometimes the company and some attentive service from one server (I think she was the one in charge of the rest) makes all the difference and we had fun.

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