New Cafe at Liang Court: Dulcet & Studio

Wanted to have cakes here the last time but the place was just too crowded, being new and all. This time it was better but the ordering system still seemed a tad messy. Instead of allowing us to be seated we were asked to place orders at the front counter. I never like this kind of system because what if you get your food and then there’s no seat? I also have this habit of walking out of a cafe or restaurant if the only seat available is one that’s a tight squeeze, too close to other diners for comfort. Am I too picky and troublesome? Do you do that too?

I find this same problem at Dean & Delucca and Paris Baguette Cafe. What is happening with the lack of table service and communal tables. A cost saving measure? But I see the same number of staff, it’s just that they don’t serve but take orders at the counter instead. Perhaps they are paid lower salaries? Anyone in Food Service who can enlighten me? I don’t like this new trend. I like dining in quiet places with some privacy so you can chat in peace with your companion or read a book for a while.

Well at least Dulcet & Studio doesn’t have communal tables. In the end they agreed to let us have the menu and have a seat to peruse it before we made our orders. The service people were really nice though, and I figure they have just been instructed to do it this way.

Actually the cafe may be new but the puffs and cakes used to be sold in the basement Tampopo Deli which now sells only Bento and no dessert. The cakes were light and lovely, but as usual the cream puffs were sublime. I also noticed that they serve my favourite caramel milk pudding which also used to be served in the basement outlet.

I found this place to be similar to the Korean chain Paris Baguette cafe but I prefer this one. They have similar style light sponge cakes with fresh cream.

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  1. sos says:

    You are not the only picky one, I also find it annoying that there is no privacy and people seem to be into each other due to closely packed tables to maximise space and money. It is crowded everywhere nowadays 🙁

  2. Gorgeous cakes and pastry!

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