Lady J’s 11 Questions (& 11 of My Own for You)

Been having lot of fun with the Q&A sessions with fellow bloggers. So happy that I’ve been invited by Lady J who was the very first person to nominate me for the Liebster Award and I wanted to nominate her right back (flouting the rules of the award).

I didn’t ponder too long with the answers and just wrote down the first thing that came to mind:

1. If you are using an iPhone, what’s the one app you can’t live without.

For me it would be watsapp. I use it to chat with my loved one in Australia for free.

2. Fave haunts in our little island?

I like to check out new places but recently my faves have been Hediard for tea and Botanic Gardens for a bit of tranquility.

3. Fave eats? [It can be anywhere in the world]

Pancakes at any little cafe in the US. I love authentic american pancakes.

4. What is your favourite comfort food and why?

This is embarrassing, but I love the packaged Sara Lee Fudge Cake, since I can’t find any other chocolate cake in Singapore that I like. I find them all too sickeningly rich.

5. What do you miss most about your home country when you are away?

I would miss having tea at the little hole in the wall place opposite Kampong Glam Cafe. But really? I would miss family as I’m quite a homebody.

6. What’s the one place that you do not mind visiting over and over again.

I love Australia and the USA. Don’t think I would ever tire of repeat visits. And I guess I pick Australia (a nice beach) as I don’t have to endure the long haul flight which is torture to me.

7. Fave type of weather/ season?

Winter and snow please.

8. Would Gangnam Style get you up on your feet?

I was tickled by the music video, but not really. I think it would be more 80’s music that would have that effect. Or perhaps because I was a teen then with a lot more energy.

9. If you could be a cartoon character, who would it be and why?

I’m trying to think of a strong female character but it evades me. I used to love Cinderella as a kid but then again she had to suffer first with the evil step mother and sisters.

10. When the going gets tough, what would be a quote/saying that you look to for strength?

This too shall pass, comes to mind.

11. Share some of the little things that would make you happy.

Carrying my nieces and seeing them smile.

Here are my 11 questions…hope you take them on and link/ping me back with your responses. It’s more fun if you don’t think too hard when answering them – just type the first thing that pops into your head.

1. What is the best trip you have ever made that you would recommend to others? Which country did you visit?

2. If you could choose, where would you have liked to be born?

3. What is your dream vocation?

4. What blog or website do you read daily without fail?

5. What book are you reading now?

6. Do you play an instrument?

7. What did you like best about your childhood?

8. What is your biggest regret?

9. Name 5 of your favourite foods?

10. Name your favourite celebrity.

11. What is the most important value to you?

Update: So delighted that Lady J has taken part in my little interview.

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  1. Lady J says:

    Thanks for doing this BJ and I did yours! 🙂 Sure is fun getting to know you a little better :

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