New at Turf Club Road: The Grandstand

Doesn’t seem a popular thing to say, but please let me whine that sometimes Singapore is boring. There is not much change in terms of weather and not much of nature to explore as we are an extremely tiny island. Which is why I appreciate the new. And which is why I try to seek out something new to see every weekend. It’s also why I blog – to convince myself that Singapore is not that boring if I look hard enough. This time I implored that we check out Te Grandstand which is the renovated Turf City. It’s more a food place than a mall. But there seems to be loads of activities for kids like a tennis school.

But alas, it was not fully renovated and still rather messy. I think perhaps it’ll only be ready next year. But there were a number of new eateries and we tried out a new burger place which I’ll feature in the next post. I was thrilled to see that Maison Kayser will be opening here. I’m still not sure if their second branch at Wheelock is open yet. Quite a fan of the brand but I hope they will maintain their standards and service.

Pies and Coffee at Rochester mall has opened a branch here and I have yet to try their pies or coffee. So silly of me to opt for tea the last time I visited.

Will talk about Omakase Burger in my next post.

Giant supermarket still looks about the same. The great advantage of this location is that parking is abundant and free. Once they introduced charges it will suck. Hardly any place in Singapore with free parking.

The Curry Garden looked interesting. But I’ve never had good prata at an air-conditioned place before so I have my doubts. But I can’t judge till I actually try it.

A dining retail concept place called Mad. Not sure how the food is, but they call themselves a modern Asian diner according to a brochure a smiling girl there handed to me. The brochure lists Dim Sum as well as tapas. Cocktails even. B said he thinks it’s a collaboration between Dick Lee and the Tung Lok group. It was interesting to find cool T shirts and products from the Tin Tin shop which has a store at Chinatown. I noticed that an in thing seems to be bare cement floors and I kinda like it.

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  1. Guillaume says:

    I was there on Sunday too. There are also lots of shop related to kids. We ve been to Fidgets with the kids. They had lot s of fun over there 😉

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