St Marc Cafe at Vivo

I’m impressed by St Marc, the new Japanese Bread and Dessert Cafe at Vivo. It’s known for it’s bread, especially the chocolate croissant known as choco cro, which I haven’t tried yet. Did a bit of googling. It’s a famous Japanese chain and it first expanded with one outlet in Shanghai and they are now in Singapore.

The Chocolate Banana Parfait I had was lovely with real bits of cake and cornflakes in it. The banana jelly pudding in the dessert called ‘Choco Banana’ was really good too and I didn’t expect to like it as I don’t normally go for banana flavours. The hot chocolate and green tea latte pretty good too. It will be interesting to try other items like the Yuzu tea and sandwiches next time. There are two new cafes at Vivo, this one and Costa Coffee, located pretty close together. I much prefer St Marc, but if it’s crowded then at least I have another option.

vivostmarccafe - 53383

vivostmarccafe - 53384

vivostmarccafe - 53385

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