The Wild Monkeys at Lower Pierce

We like coming to Lower Pierce. It’s nice and peaceful. B was laughing at me because I was scared of the monkeys. He’s more of an animal person than I am and he is quite fond of them. I find that they are becoming more aggressive. They jumped out of trees and I saw them grabbing someone’s plastic bag and the guy went running after them. B says it’s because we humans have invaded their territory and yes that’s so true. I guess all those people feeding them didn’t help either.

monkeys - 49624

monkeys - 49623

monkeys - 49622

monkeys - 49621

monkeys - 49620

monkeys - 49619

monkeys - 49618

monkeys - 49617

monkeys - 49615

monkeys - 49614

monkeys - 49613

monkeys - 49612

monkeys - 49611

monkeys - 49610

monkeys - 49609

monkeys - 49607

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2 Responses to The Wild Monkeys at Lower Pierce

  1. Katrijn says:

    S. took me here, the one time we went cycling together – it was brilliant, so lovely and quiet and peaceful. And yes, those monkeys are much less afraid of me than I was of them..! Though somehow even the Singaporean monkeys seem nicer and safer than the ones we encountered on holiday in Thailand… Still, what a brilliant place for a picnick, we really must get out there soon again. Thanks for reminding me!

    • bookjunkie says:

      Oh yes in Bangkok many years ago a monkey jumped on my shoulders and at Batu Caves in KL I saw them snatching bags and screeching….we were a scared.

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