Yummy Cheap Meals at JB Coffeeshop

I absolutely love this coffeeshop in JB which is pretty near City Square. It’s actually two coffeeshops but they are side by side. I’m not sure of the road name or how to get here but B knows it by sight. So I included a lot of pictures from two most recent trips we made so that you can see the surrounding landmarks. Would be cool to know of your experience if you’ve been here before.

Was actually hoping to have the wan tan mee, but both time we had the prawn mee instead as the wan tan mee stall was closed. The prawn mee soup has a very different taste to the Singapore version. Here you feel that they really soak the prawn shells and the taste of the prawn in the broth is very strong. Both versions are good to me, just different.

In a way Malaysia and Singapore have very similar foods but they have been tweaked over the years and each has acquired a unique method of preparation and taste. It’s nice to be so close to our neighbours so that we can occasionally try the Malaysian version of food. Usually the best Malaysian food I’ve had has been in the humblest coffeeshops. I’m always disappointed by the food in the air-conditioned restaurants or malls.

I just love the tau sar pau here and it’s good every single visit I’ve made here. B loves the Lor Mai Kai. And the sweetest bit is that all the items are so yummy yet less than half the price.

Visit 1:

jbnov2012 - 52552

jbnov2012 - 52553

jbnov2012 - 52549

jbnov2012 - 52550

jbnov2012 - 52551

Visit 2:

JBcoffeeshopprawnmee2012 - 51445

JBcoffeeshopprawnmee2012 - 51446

JBcoffeeshopprawnmee2012 - 51447

JBcoffeeshopprawnmee2012 - 51448

JBcoffeeshopprawnmee2012 - 51449

JBcoffeeshopprawnmee2012 - 51450

JBcoffeeshopprawnmee2012 - 51451

JBcoffeeshopprawnmee2012 - 51452

JBcoffeeshopprawnmee2012 - 51453

JBcoffeeshopprawnmee2012 - 51454

jbnov2012 - 52548

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