Merry Christmas from JB, Malaysia

Was charmed by the rotating gingerbread man at City Square, the mall nearest Singapore where I like to browse at FOS (Factory Outlet Store) for clothes. There are some good branded buys at sometimes as low as a quarter of the cost. And you can even get a 10% discount if you show your passport which I just only discovered. But you really have to search for a decent buy as some designs can be hideous.

I was also trying to ascertain the location of the coffeeshop we like and so took a number of pictures around the area, Taman Sri Tebrau, including the food. This time the wan tan mee stall was open.

jbxmas - 53463

jbxmas - 53464

jbxmas - 53465

jbxmas - 53466

jbxmas - 53467

jbxmas - 53468

jbxmas - 53469

jbxmas - 53470

jbxmas - 53471

jbxmas - 53472

jbxmas - 53473

jbxmas - 53474

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2 Responses to Merry Christmas from JB, Malaysia

  1. John Hunter says:

    I had no idea you could get 10% off by showing your passport. That seems crazy to me, but I guess it makes sense – I would think it would be better to give a discount to those that can show they live in Malaysia.

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