Tsukada Nojo at Plaza Singapura’s New Wing: Best Ramen Broth I’ve Had Yet

Been meaning to try out Tsukada Nojo (at the Plaza Singapura new wing) when we first saw it but it just seemed too expensive. This time we did and it was such a wonderful meal that I am eager to blog about it. I relished every morsel and I’m not exaggerating when I say the broth was out of this world. Beats my previous favourite chicken ramen broth at Liang Court. I liked the additional order too. It’s a kind of maki (rice ball wrapped in pork) I’ve never tried before. The Japanese lady serving us was so sweet. It was all so authentic. She looked really pretty in her kimono and I felt like I was in Japan. The free range roasted chicken was so tender and the broth tasted like it had been lovingly tended for hours. I would have preferred the noodles a little less soggy but I guess it’s because I chose the thin egg noodles when I should have gone for the thicker one. The price tag was a bit hefty but I would say it was worth it. Only thing is a long queue was forming outside which made me rush through my meal. That part wasn’t too fun. I felt a bit pressured to eat fast.

plazasingramen - 53448

plazasingramen - 53451

plazasingramen - 53452

plazasingramen - 53453

plazasingramen - 53441

plazasingramen - 53443

plazasingramen - 53442

The beautiful menu, since my photos don’t do the food justice.

plazasingramen - 53450

plazasingramen - 53449

plazasingramen - 53446

plazasingramen - 53445

plazasingramen - 53444

plazasingramen - 53440

plazasingramen - 53439

Some googling revealed that this place has been open since 31 October so I’m a bit late.

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