Peking Duck: Paradise Pavilion at Marina Bay Financial Centre

Had dinner with family here and it was my first time to the area. I am not a Peking duck expert by any means but I hear this is the best and authentic Beijing style. I quite like the surrounding area and the striking steel blue buildings as we waited for the restaurant to open at 6pm. Service could have been better and started off not that great (the tone of the staff was too abrupt), but in the end it was ok. Perhaps the wonderful desserts made us feel better. The restaurant is very cold with the air vents blowing directly at you, so come with a shawl. They will provide you with one if you need though.  My photos are a tad backwards starting with dessert and then the main meal. I highly recommend the taro with almond cream served in a coconut.

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liangcourtny2013 - 54007

liangcourtny2013 - 54006

liangcourtny2013 - 54005

liangcourtny2013 - 54004

liangcourtny2013 - 54003

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liangcourtny2013 - 54001

liangcourtny2013 - 53999

Impressive xmas tree at the nearby bank building. I was thinking the employees sure do have a posh environment to work in.

liangcourtny2013 - 53997

liangcourtny2013 - 53996

liangcourtny2013 - 53994

Across the road you can see our icons, the Marina Bay Sands and the Singapore flyer.

liangcourtny2013 - 54008

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4 Responses to Peking Duck: Paradise Pavilion at Marina Bay Financial Centre

  1. Cannelle says:

    I’ll definitely go there, it’s almost impossible to find taro based food in France and i love it ! Thanks for the tips 🙂

    • bookjunkie says:

      Taro or teochew yam desserts are so rich and nice. I think this was a Cantonese fusion thing as they added almond cream. Made it even better I think.

  2. Amanda says:

    Hi, I stumbled across your previous blog tinyisland and found this post:

    Could i just ask if you could remember which supermarket you took the last photo at?

    Sorry as this is not related to your blog post but i really need to know. Thank you very much!

    • bookjunkie says:

      It was a long time ago…but I think NTUC Finest. I’m sure you could find the water you’re looking for at Cold Storage too?

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