CNY 2013: Chinese New Year Buzz at Ang Mo Kio Hub

Since I checked out a bit of the festive atmosphere in town at Plaza Singapura, we also decided to check out a heartland mall – Ang Mo Kio Hub. There was Chinese New Year music playing all over. There was also a dancer from China who had a crowd gathered around her. I like impromptu events like these. The stores were selling Chinese New Year themed clothes and there was a particular Cheongsam I found rather pretty. The supermarket (NTUC) was packed with people pushing heavily laden trollies. There was just abundance everywhere. So many crates of everything. I was most impressed by the red paper cutting decorations. I find the traditional depiction of the zodiac animals and the snake this year so pretty.

cny2013plazasingapuraamkhub - 54833

cny2013plazasingapuraamkhub - 54832

cny2013plazasingapuraamkhub - 54831

NTUC has varied sized empty plastic containers with air proof tight red caps. It’s for people who make their own sweet treats like pineapple tarts and want to either sell it or give it to their relatives for the New Year.

cny2013plazasingapuraamkhub - 54830

The chicken stock for the reunion dinner at home which is usually steamboat.

cny2013plazasingapuraamkhub - 54829

Uniquely Singapore Chinese New Year with spicy crackers and other treats from various ethnic groups just have become simply local – there is no distinction anymore.

cny2013plazasingapuraamkhub - 54828

cny2013plazasingapuraamkhub - 54827

Gorgeous paper cuttings. Love how the zodiac animals are depicted. I think this would make a great gift for travellers to bring home.

cny2013plazasingapuraamkhub - 54826

cny2013plazasingapuraamkhub - 54825

cny2013plazasingapuraamkhub - 54824

cny2013plazasingapuraamkhub - 54823

cny2013plazasingapuraamkhub - 54822

cny2013plazasingapuraamkhub - 54821

Another unique gift idea. Cookies packaged in tins with the snake year theme.

cny2013plazasingapuraamkhub - 54820

cny2013plazasingapuraamkhub - 54819

cny2013plazasingapuraamkhub - 54818

cny2013plazasingapuraamkhub - 54817

cny2013plazasingapuraamkhub - 54816

cny2013plazasingapuraamkhub - 54815

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