I Wish Apples Tasted Like Burgers

Why do the yummiest foods have to have so many calories in them? And that awful thing called saturated fat.

A McSpicy chicken burger has 585 calories and an almond croissant 330 calories. No wonder they say an apple a day keeps the doctor away, and apple diets (forcing yourself to eat an apple when you crave junk food) really do work. But I find them so bland compared to the much sweeter tropical fruit. 1 small apple being 50 calories, this is what it works out to:

1 McSpicy Burger = 11 apples
1 Almond Croissant = 6 apples

After just 1 small apple I feel full and have no desire to eat another. Something is wrong in the human design that we crave for things that are not good for us.

Does anyone have tips on how to curb those salty, buttery cravings? I guess it all boils down to willpower which kinda sucks.

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4 Responses to I Wish Apples Tasted Like Burgers

  1. hahaha, you’re right. bad food tastes so good! But there are some substitutes too. Like the Korean wasabi seaweed. Half a packet only 70 calories, way lesser than potato chips.

  2. Naomi Hattaway says:

    What about popcorn?

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