Illuminating Near Death Experience

I am so thankful that my aunt shared this video with me. It just spoke to me as I am constantly living in fear and worry. While watching this, that feeling abated for a while. I really need to explore this further. Anita Moorjani is a cancer survivor who went into a coma, experienced heaven (not as we know it) and came back to her body to tell the tale. Hers is one of many Near Death experiences and I find it fascinating and comforting too. She says there is nothing to fear about death.


I constantly wish I wasn’t such a skeptic and could regain the faith I had as a little kid. But it quite eludes me.

Some of the concepts she talks about I’ve always believed and hoped for, but to hear it laid out like this was lovely.

Anita talks with such clarity about fear, people pleasing and not loving ourselves. This is 100% true for me.

It’s wonderful that she describes death as being out of the vessel of the body and achieving your essence or full consciousness with the ability to move through space and time. For me reconnecting with loved ones is the first thing that comes to mind.

I was rather taken by the music video from the History Channel’s Bible series that was shown during Easter in the US and became a huge surprise hit. I am not religious (although I wish I was), but I just was in awe at the level of compassion shown and at the same time the horror at how awful human beings can be. But the compassion – wow. Don’t think I could ever be that compassionate as to ask forgiveness for those who torture me. It also helped that the person who played Jesus, a Portugese actor, Diogo Morgando, did such a great job. He was so good and good looking that he inspired a twitter hashtag #hotjesus that embarrassed him.

I can understand why it was a hit, beside #hotjesus, – everyone is craving a little bit of hope in a world that is often quite bleak. Especially with more bad news then good. It makes me want to turn off my CNN iphone feed.

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6 Responses to Illuminating Near Death Experience

  1. i am not religious too, and I don’t buy what she says. I think in a coma, the brain goes into a dream mode and she imagined those things to be true.

  2. TMF says:

    Hi, just googled around on NDEs and came across your blog. I’d just like to tell you that what Anita went through is real. I had an experience as well though not the same as what she described. Basically, NDE’s are a very real thing. Each person has his/her own interpretation and experience of it. A voice spoke to me when I was at the crossroads and basically said I could make the choice of going or staying. You can guess which choice I took 😉 .

    After the NDE, my perspective of things indeed had changed and I knew instinctively that I could mould my own future – it was like I knew anyone and everyone has the capacity and capability to achieve anything in their life… the future is fluid, and each crack in the road is but a lesson for us to learn.

    Now I find myself doing things I would normally never do and pursuing old dreams and accomplishing goals I never thought possible before. I guess I come with the message that anything is possible and that all we need is a little bit more faith in ourselves 🙂

    Hope this helps. Take care!

    • bookjunkie says:

      Oh gosh…thank you so much for taking the time and trouble to share your personal experience. It really does help me 🙂 Would love to hear more about your experience. What did your NDE feel like? So happy for you and your life sounds pretty awesome now.

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