Still the Best Assam Laksa in Singapore

The parking situation is horrendous with everyone watching out for traffic cops, but the assam laksa in Geylang is really the best in Singapore. Have made repeated visits but this was our first lunch time visit.

assamlaksa2013 - 57277

assamlaksa2013 - 57275

assamlaksa2013 - 57276

I wasn’t even hungry and was thinking of just having a drink, but once I had this, it was so good that I finished the whole bowl. Ordered a small bowl (S$5) though.

And yes, there was nice cool air-conditioning inside, although some people chose to sit outside.

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7 Responses to Still the Best Assam Laksa in Singapore

  1. adel says:

    yeah!!!i agree!!! it’s the most worthwhile assam laksa in terms of quality, taste and value available in sg! tried it out the first time a few years back when the restaurant name was called Penang Assam Laksa, very conspicuous from outside Aljunied MRT…loved it since!

  2. Lola says:

    Thank you for introducing this wonderful place that serves seriously awesome assam laksa! You have no idea how much it means for people who constantly craves for Malaysian food, haha. Looking forward to your recommendations 😀

  3. Yeah I concur! I became a convert after trying this out!

  4. Rexxie says:

    Go Try Aljunied Food Centre Penang Delights Stall no: #01-05. Tried both, still prefer the Aljunied FC version, with chunky kambong fish…

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