Drink & Dessert Set at Paul (& My Patient Cousin)

After being disappointed by the closed queue at Laduree we still had macarons on our mind. So we both opted for the S$12.90 set at Paul which included macarons. Alas, they were just sweet and not great. The cream brulee and dense chocolate cake were good though. But the whole thing was just too much of a chocolate and sweetness overload, as I had topped up my coffee or tea option and switched to hot chocolate instead. D went for hazelnut steamed milk which she liked.

ionjones2013 - 57751

ionjones2013 - 57750

This was the day my cousin taught me patience. First we got stuck on the train and I wanted to just get out but she told me that we would probably take much longer if we took a taxi and might end up in slow traffic instead. Soon after she said that, the train started moving again. And then as we were at the long queue at Paul and I wanted to go somewhere else she said that there would probably be long queues there too. Soon enough our queue moved so fast, and the guy in front of us let us go first as his companion had not arrived yet.

Yes, I do adore her. And will miss her till her next visit home.

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