Checked out Pasarbella at Turf City (now called The Grand Stand) which is turning out to be the place for dining rather than just used cars. The only thing local about it is the name pasar (which means market in Malay) and it was filled with the hip cool crowd (made me feel a bit awkward, because I am far, far from cool or hipster).  So now there’s another farmer’s market in Singapore besides the one in Dempsey, which is great. Felt like I was in a market in Australia or the US.  All the beautiful products and chalkboard signs. The concept and design was impressive (signs at the loo were just too cute), but the prices seemed to be much higher. To be fair most of the products seemed to be organic and I wish I could have just gotten everything. I have to add that it’s rather inaccessible (i.e. not near any MRT, even though there’s a free shuttle service) unless you have a car or take a cab here. I must go back again when it’s less of a tight squeeze. I’ll have to try the coffee and tempting looking cakes and pies. I’ll also be looking out to see if there are any local produce from farms in Singapore although I suspect that everything is imported.

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8 Responses to Pasarbella

  1. i was just there this weekend too!!!!

  2. I think Pasar Bella is a travesty. The idea of a farmers’ market for for nearby farmers to gather and sell the goods directly to customers, eradicating the middlepersons, ensuring that both the farmers and consumers get a fair price. But Pasar Bella obviously depends on importers. Which means we don’t know if the importers are being fair to farmers or if they jack up the prices for consumers. Pasarbella is obviously a hipster place, pretending to be a farmers’ market. There is nothing wrong in being a hipster place but at least be honest about it.

    • bookjunkie says:

      I had that uncomfortable feeling about it too in spite of all gorgeous everything looked.

    • mrsboxes says:

      I totally agree! Having been to the markets in France, I came here hoping to get access to more local foodstuff… sorely disappointed that majority of the offerings were imported!

  3. Tea says:

    Hi, I’m planning to go there but I was wondering if you saw any halal eateries around? Or at least an eatery that doesn’t sell alcohol?

    • bookjunkie says:

      Will look out for it the next time I’m there. Outside Pasarbella where all the restaurants are I think there’s a place selling prata.

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