Finally Tried Macarons from Laduree Singapore

Finally tried Laduree. Just didn’t feel right though, to have it in a takeaway bag. Definitely spoils the experience. I would skip the chocolate next time and definitely go for the rose again. The orange blossom was lovely and fragrant too but B commented that it felt like eating perfume. Didn’t blow me away after all the raves I’ve heard about the brand (I guess we can’t compare it to Paris where it’s freshly made). Even the look wasn’t perfection, but it beat a lot of other macarons I’ve had. Cost a whopping S$3.80 each. Between this and TWG’s macarons I am still a bit hard pressed to say this is much better. I guess I would need to try them both at the same sitting.

pasarbella - 57847

pasarbella - 57843

pasarbella - 57850

pasarbella - 57852

pasarbella - 57845

pasarbella - 57844

pasarbella - 57851

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4 Responses to Finally Tried Macarons from Laduree Singapore

  1. isn’t it depressing that a few weeks ago, the queue was long but now it’s not?

  2. carrotoh says:

    are the macarons too sweet?

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